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License to [Switch Places with a Signed Selection]

This idea is probably old news, but…

What if, instead of framing the Card to Wallet as a transportation, you could turn it into a transposition? Naturally anything in your wallet would work (credit card, baby picture, Magnum condom), but I feel like the selection transposing with your driver’s license is a neat-o image. I initially considered this idea in conjunction with Paul Harris’s “Guts” trick. The visual transformation of the selection into a driver’s license seems top dro fo sho. And the handling is balls easy.

I imagine this notion of a transportation-turned-transposition between two disparate objects could prove fertile creative ground. Card goes to pocket, a bunch of change falls from the deck. Card appears in a gumball machine, a gumball falls out of the deck. Card travels to gofer stomach, gofer entrails fall out of deck.

We’re on to something here.