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We Can Change We Can Change We Can Change We Can Change

A while back I was reading a review for LCD Soundsystem’s album, This is Happening. 

I should have stopped at the review, but, alas, I kept scrolling down until I entered the wild, sweaty jungle of the review’s comments section.This is dangerous territory.

Everything was fine, until I stumbled upon a particularly curious comment. Basically, the commenter said that anyone who listens to real electronic music would find this stuff completely garbage.


Now, lemme point out that I love LCD Soundsystem, and no, I have never seriously listened to “real” electronic music. I suppose it’s a possibility that if I were to listen to real electronic music, I would be of the same opinion. I mean, if some kid was going apeshit over “punk” bands like, I don’t know, Fallout Boy (they’re still a thing, right?), I would throw up my nose and crank up the Replacements in my headphones. Because, really, fuck that guy.

But does that matter, and should I care?

Bringing this back around to magic (hooray!), at the mere mention of guys like Criss Angel, many magicians are so quick to say, “Well, see that’s not real magic. See, there’s this thing called closeup magic, and it’s awesome because it’s intimate and evokes mystery and wonder and astonishment. Astonishment was your natural state as a baby. Did you know that? Pick a card.”

Is magic so scrappy that it needs all that defending? Must we promote “real” magic to the point of insufferability?

Probably. But let’s not and say we did.

Happy Saturday.