Meet Tommy Wonder’s cousin, Stevie

Meet Tommy Wonder's cousin, Stevie


How was your summer? I went to Space Camp.

Card is selected and controlled second from the top. Make some sort of magic gesture, dirty or otherwise. Triple turnover and claim that you’ve found their selection. When they say no, turn the triple over and thumb the top card to the table.

Pressing on, say you’ll do a fancy cut to find their card. Here I like to do a really bad, really labored Sybil-esque flourish cut of some kind. As long as it preserves the top stock. Double turnover, displaying the same card (let’s say the 10 of Spades) you just put down on the table. A bit puzzled, they’ll again say no. Turn it over and thumb it down onto the first tabled card.

Finally, say they’ll find their card. Using your preferred method, force the top card on them. I usually use the Blackstone force. Whatever.

So you’ve effectively shown them all the same card, none of which is theirs. Table the deck. Take this last 10 of Spades and use it to scoop up the other two cards on the table, bringing it to the bottom of the packet. Do a casual Flushtration Count (emphasis on casual), saying something like, “So none of these cards are yours…?”

After the Flushtration, the real selection is on the bottom of the face down packet. Under proper misdirection of your choosing, palm off the top two cards off the packet. Transfer the single card (assumed by the audience to be three cards) to your left hand, then bring your right hand to the tabled deck, unloading the two palmed cards as you spread the deck on the table and say something like, “So if your card isn’t here in the deck…” Then point to the card in your left hand, “…and it isn’t one of these…” You have a lot of flexibility here. Just as long as you get rid of those two cards in some fashion, you’re DTF. I’m actually more comfortable with a cop/palm from the bottom–I just wanted you guys to think I was cool.

End however you see fit, eventually disclosing that you only hold their single selection in your hand.


Steve Cohen and I go way back. I’ve gone on to mild stardom while he’s languishing as Tenyo’s translator and working some joint in New York. A couple days ago, Steve kindly sent along the 2014 Tenyo lineup for me to check out/improve. I reluctantly obliged. Here’s a preview.


Excerpt from writeup: “Grasp tightly the mesh netting. Cup will grow under guidance of mechanism.”


Excerpt from writeup: “Note the clever multiple out system Lubor has worked out here. Each garlic is ready to be revealed at a moment’s notice.”


Excerpt from writeup: “The spectator will often not willingly close his or her eyes after witnessing what the magician had done with his finger. However, a light joke will soften his suspicions.”


Excerpt from writeup: “Developed in the early 1980s, Takiyoshi’s arrow principle originally worked with a solution of asbestos and Tab cola.” 


Excerpt from writeup: “The mechanism, while not large, can support over five times its weight. That means, in addition to the panda figurine, you can also float a shot glass, a metal tube, and perhaps a lettuce.”


Excerpt from writeup: “Blood not included.”

A true batch of winners!

Culling Barrie’s Bluff

Anyone do Barrie Richardson’s bluff card to pocket? I like the general idea, but always felt the bluff was just a little too weak. Here’s a little fix to generate a bit more conviction. Knowledge of Barrie’s routine is a must, obviously. It’s in his book Act II, which is excellent.

The deck is faceup with a facedown card at the rear. Spread through and ask the spectator to touch a card. As you spread the deck, slip the facedown card underneath the spread. When they nominate a card, upjog the selection and point out the two cards on either side of it. Let’s say, the JH and the 2D. In the process of squaring up the spread you’re going to slip the facedown card in between the JH and the 2D. It doesn’t matter if it goes above or below the upjogged selection.

Square the selection into the deck, actually using the TPC actions to get the card sticking perpendicular out of the deck underneath the right hand. Do the magic, then spread through the deck, simultaneously culling the perpendicular selection under the spread and revealing the facedown card (ostensibly the selection). Point out the JH and the 2D on either side of it. Square up the deck, maneuvering the selection into classic palm in your left hand. Set the deck down on the table. From here, you’re able to go through the rest of Barrie’s procedure.

Obviously you can substitute the TPC for any other steal. I like it because you have to spread to reveal the facedown card anyway, so the cull/palm flows pretty well in this context. And it’s dead easy.