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“The spectators know only what they see, and are no more interested in a dull display of dexterity than would be an audience at some concert ball listening to a musician playing ‘Exercise for the Fingers’ on his particular instrument.”

–Alton Sharpe

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The mind boggles, then giggles

“When dealing with cyclical stacks you can cut the cards as many times as you want but you can’t shuffle. With that being said many times it’s recommended to use a Charlie shuffle which actually only cuts the cards. I was thinking why not use the Hindu shuffle which also seems to only cut the cards? Or an overhand shuffle as long as you don’t peel off individual cards but in clamps. This means you can use the Hindu and the overhand shuffle instead of false shuffling and still retain the cyclical stack.”


“What it comes down to is that crediting isn’t like planting a flag at the top of a mountain. It’s not about reaching back as far as you can to state one single name. Magic is a living, breathing craft. Ink is cheap, so let’s celebrate our past by mentioning not just firsts, but anyone who’s helped bring the techniques to where they are today. Without them, we’d still be performing stoneage magic like monks.”

-Tyler Wilson

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