Double Bluft, or: This is Bullshit, Leave Us Alone

This one’s for Rich.

Get the selection second from the top. Make this convincing. I like leaving a lasting impression of the card in the middle, so insert your favorite Victor/Marlo/Jennings/Simon/Pinkett-Smith control here. (After controlling the selection to second from the top, a nice subtlety is to do a triple turnover while saying, “And if I do a double turnover, you’ll see your card is not second from the top.” This is, I believe, a Jim Swain idea.)

Spread over the top two facedown cards. 

“Your card will magically appear between these two cards. Watch closely.” As you say this, squiggle around the two cards to emphasize the fairness of your actions. Square them back onto the deck. 

Snap your fingers; the magic has happened. Spread over the top three facedown cards and display them (without actually showing the faces) with an air of total, triumphant satisfaction. You’ll be met with dead-eyed deflation because, come on, you’re being a real tool.

“See. Your card magically appeared in between these two cards.” Milk the moment until it gets awkward. Just as they’re about to call the cops, extract the middle card from the sandwich and show it to be the selection. 

This was the highlight of my privately circulated 1996 lecture notes. Be thankful I’m letting you read it here for free, you slovenly pig. 



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