Hans Zimmer, eat your heart out.

Listen, I’m glad magic takes itself seriously. And I’m glad the Kids These Days have an eye for making things look all shiny and dolled up. I know that sounds disingenuous, but it’s true. I’ll take empty professionalism over sequined vests and bowler hats any day of the week.

But you have to pick and choose what you find worthy of such grandeur. Does this really want for such an overblown trailer? I will ignore the fact that it looks like no Oreo I’ve ever seen (not in America anyway, maybe sextuple-stuffed Oreos exist elsewhere); it’s a feeble illusion, and doesn’t hold up as a showcase item (see here). So why are we advertising it like this? Is anyone fooled into thinking this trailer is little more than a fluff job for the budding film school hopefuls that produce this kind of shit? It’s like if Bozo the Clown came back on the air, but every episode was directed by Christopher Nolan.

Magic deserves better than Tora, yes. But this trailer is aiming just a tad high, eh fellas? I mean, let’s not lose sight of what the effect is…


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  2. Dave Moore

    I totally agree. The sad thing is that there are professionals that will run out and buy this due to being sucked in by the trailer. It’s a fun idea but it’s not viable in the real world.

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