Just popping in to say no one will ever be as badass as Ted Annemann.

Oh, and Charles Jordan was fucking awesome.

Carry on, motherfuckers.


  1. Doug Conn

    I conn-cur 🙂 Charles Jordan is an oft bypassed GENIUS in the world of card magic
    There are SOOOOOOO many things he invented (100 years ago) that are overlooked
    I applaud your “under”looking
    (*the Fulves / Dover book is an amazing / eye opening tome.)

    I agree about Annemann, but I have a lack of respect for people that “off” themselves.
    (It’s a chicken shit move). Regardless: his writings were some of the best our craft has ever seen.

    • TheBottomPalm

      Yup, currently doing my monthly reread of the Fulves book. Insane gems in there.

      I can’t remember if it’s a direct Jerry quote, or he’s quoting someone else, but in the Crimp Sadowitz called Annemann “magic’s first teenager.” Good description. Young, stupid, unstable, and insanely smart.

      Maybe I should add Bob Hummer to that trifecta of lost geniuses.

  2. Tyler W

    Straight up, the Dover book on Jordan is the best bargain in magic for non-beginners. Ten bucks will get you hundreds of pages of awe.

    One of my favorite tidbits about Jordan is that he would often get fooled by his friends, only to find out that they just did one of his own tricks on him.

    Doug, that sounds like a new Kollosal Killer effect. “Think of any magician.” You reach into your wallet and pull out a piece of paper with “Theodore Annemann” or “Tim Conover” on it. When they say you got it wrong, turn over the paper to show, “Offed by one.”

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