Steve Cohen and I go way back. I’ve gone on to mild stardom while he’s languishing as Tenyo’s translator and working some joint in New York. A couple days ago, Steve kindly sent along the 2014 Tenyo lineup for me to check out/improve. I reluctantly obliged. Here’s a preview.


Excerpt from writeup: “Grasp tightly the mesh netting. Cup will grow under guidance of mechanism.”


Excerpt from writeup: “Note the clever multiple out system Lubor has worked out here. Each garlic is ready to be revealed at a moment’s notice.”


Excerpt from writeup: “The spectator will often not willingly close his or her eyes after witnessing what the magician had done with his finger. However, a light joke will soften his suspicions.”


Excerpt from writeup: “Developed in the early 1980s, Takiyoshi’s arrow principle originally worked with a solution of asbestos and Tab cola.” 


Excerpt from writeup: “The mechanism, while not large, can support over five times its weight. That means, in addition to the panda figurine, you can also float a shot glass, a metal tube, and perhaps a lettuce.”


Excerpt from writeup: “Blood not included.”

A true batch of winners!


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