“The spectators know only what they see, and are no more interested in a dull display of dexterity than would be an audience at some concert ball listening to a musician playing ‘Exercise for the Fingers’ on his particular instrument.”

–Alton Sharpe



  1. Tyler W

    If that was true, these peeps would be out of a job:

    – Jugglers
    – Gambling demo performers
    – Most circus performers
    – Athletes
    – The Buck Twins
    – That chick who put mayonnaise on my McChicken sandwich after I specifically asked her not to (she’ll be out of the job once I’m done writing my nasty letter to the powers that be)

    Sharpe could have easily argued that a display of skill may not help – and in fact, could hinder – the level of mystery in a magical performance if not approached intelligently, but to make a blanket statement suggesting that audiences don’t like to watch people who are clearly good at their shit, is beyond retarded.

    • TheBottomPalm

      I don’t disagree with you, and in fact have made that same argument more times than I can count. (I can only count to four, but who’s counting?)

      I think the distinction with the Sharpe phrase is in his example, “Exercise for the Fingers.” To this end, I think the REAL problem with the quote is that he’s equating dexterity with exercises.

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