License to [Switch Places with a Signed Selection]

This idea is probably old news, but…

What if, instead of framing the Card to Wallet as a transportation, you could turn it into a transposition? Naturally anything in your wallet would work (credit card, baby picture, Magnum condom), but I feel like the selection transposing with your driver’s license is a neat-o image. I initially considered this idea in conjunction with Paul Harris’s “Guts” trick. The visual transformation of the selection into a driver’s license seems top dro fo sho. And the handling is balls easy.

I imagine this notion of a transportation-turned-transposition between two disparate objects could prove fertile creative ground. Card goes to pocket, a bunch of change falls from the deck. Card appears in a gumball machine, a gumball falls out of the deck. Card travels to gofer stomach, gofer entrails fall out of deck.

We’re on to something here.



  1. connjuring

    This is a bit old
    (old enough for Ammar to have reprinted it 20* years ago)
    I’d like to get this (ID/Gopher trails) into a specs hand. Maybe wrap card to wallet along with a two card transpo gone wrong.
    I put an item in MAGIC last year that transforms two cards into a wallet (where credit/biz cards, cash, Coins, etc are produced)
    Me likey… Off to find some roadkill

    • TheBottomPalm

      Can I get that Ammar reference?

      I would be a nice pal and say that I’m familiar with your trick. But I haven’t been subscribed in quite a while. I’ll get around to picking up the issue. Pwomise.

  2. Tyler W

    Hey Doug,
    They used to use a deck shell (basically, a bunch of cards with their centers cut out and then stuck together Solid Deception style) to make bugs appear. This was back in c.1700.. I’ll bet they knew they were paving the way for greatness, just waiting for someone to use it with gopher entrails. They must be rolling joints in their graves. Do them proud!

    And then YouTube it.

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