This is What is Wrong with Magic

“I was going to release a gaffed version [of Out of This World] with Paper Crane 

discovered the gaff was already used in “A New World” by Dean Dill and Michael Weber 

so adding some things to make sure it is unique and worthy of release 



  1. connjuring

    Oh! Oh! I SO HOPE it’s put out with the Black Tiger faces! I would SO use that piece of crap then!

    I mean with all due respect to Dill & Weber (one of whom is on my all time fave list) they had no biz f’n with the “worlds best card trick” in the first place

    Cept of course to make some bank …
    & I bet that goal was met
    When was the last time you saw someone perform their version?

    €£¥{\•*% < vomit speak

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